About us

Paragon Property Consultants Ltd is a professional Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy Company operating in accordance with the Valuers’ Act Chapter 532 and Estate Agents Act Chapter 533 of the Laws of Kenya. The company was established on 10th May 2002 but the Directors and other key personnel have been in Real Estate Consultancy and Valuation for periods spanning over 20 years within which period they were employed or were Directors of major Real Estate Consultancy Companies.


The leading consultants in the firm are Registered Valuers, Registered Estate Agents and are full members of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (I.S.K.), which is the professional body regulating the activities of Valuers and Estate Agents in Kenya as per the requirements of the Valuers and Estate Agents Act.

B: PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITES Our company is involved in Real Estate Consultancy Services that include: -valuation, estate management, agency services, project management, supervision of repairs & renovations etc.

C: VALUATION: We carry out all types of valuations, which include mortgage, rental assessment, insurance, accounting/book keeping, buying or selling, owner occupied house allowance claim, going concern, petrol stations etc.


Our estate division co-ordinates the following real estate consultancy activities: – (i) Management: We manage both commercial and residential properties for our clients on all aspects relating to property management which include: –

– Rent collection,
– Advise on routine and planned repairs and maintenance,
– Property letting,
– Rental assessments & appraisals,
– Management of outgoing,
– Collection and management of service charge,
– Condition survey reports,
– Security,
– Garbage collection

We offer professional expertise in management of sensitive commercial & residential properties including controlled/protected tenancies, observe legal requirements appertaining to real property hence skillful handling of court cases when they arise.


Property Sales and Letting: In this area, we undertake these services on behalf of our clients for a commission. In letting we use our professional skills in selecting the most suitable tenants.

Feasibility Studies/Investment Appraisals: We undertake this on various investment proposals. Based on our findings, we give a well considered professional investment advice for instance, on where best to buy properties, from whom, what type of developments to put up, and the most economic way of putting them up.

Site Acquisition Agents – GSM Mobile Providers: We are appointed Site Acquisition Agents for major GSM mobile companies. Our main assignment is to acquire viable sites for setting up of Base Transmission Stations in the whole country. We have continued to offer these services for a period of over three years now.

Other Consultancy Services: We advise on terms and conditions to be incorporated in tenancy agreements/leases and how to avoid controlled tenancies, lease extension, change of user & other general real estate consultancy. We advise on all other real estate matters from a professional point of view that from time to time may be required by an individual or institution.

F: PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We manage and supervise construction and repair works at very reasonable rates.