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We carry out all types of valuations, which include Mortgage Valuations, Rental Assessment, Insurance Valuations, Accounting/Book Keeping/ Liquidation/Privatization, for purposes of buying or selling of property, Owner Occupied house allowance claim, Going concern Valuations where we advise on the value of a business on “walk – in walk – out” basis, including the goodwill payable, Petrol station Valuations Etc.

The success of your sale or purchase will depend on the quality of the ideas used to ensure you get the best results.

We offer professional property valuation for our clients

Paragon Valuers

We carry out all types of valuations, which can broadly be categorized into four main categories: -

Open Market Value

We return a value of the estimated amount for which this property would reasonably be expected to sell on the date of our valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

Market Value for Mortgage Purposes

The value we recommend for mortgage purposes takes into account that in case of default, a sale resulting there from would occur under circumstances and conditions different from those prevailing within a normal open market situation where there is orderly disposal of assets.

Forced Sale Value:

This is the estimated realization price at which the property is reasonably expected to sell at a future date commonly based on disposal in six months time from the date of valuation or such
lesser period as the client may specify.

Reserve Price

This is the lowest reasonable price in the considered opinion of the Valuer below which, ceteris peribus, it would be unreasonable to sell unless other factors propagated by the Bank
in accordance to their lending and recovery criteria mitigate against it.

Specific Valuations include the following: -

(i) Mortgage Valuations: In this category, we are mainly consulted by Banks to assist them in making vital financial decisions on their lending activities particularly where they are
taking real estate as securities against loans.

Alongside these valuations, we also advise on fair reserve price values of these securities in case of intended auction/forced sale.

(ii) Rental assessment: Some of the reasons are as follows: -

- Tribunal court requirements
    Business Premises Rent Tribunal (B.P.R.T) cases - Commercial Buildings
   Rent Restriction Tribunal (R.R.T) cases - Residential Houses
- For purposes of establishing a fair Market rent for new premises and old premises
when they are/or fall vacant or when there is need to review rents to market levels.

(iii) Plants & Machinery: We determine the fair value of these movable assets by assessing each equipment and checking on its current state, depreciation, market
price and alternative users in the market, economic lifespan, etc.

(iv) Insurance Valuations: It is important to attach the right value against your assets risk.

(v) Accounting/book keeping/ Liquidation/Privatization: In this category, we evaluate the total worth of the company’s assets which include: -- Fixed assets – Land and Buildings.
- Loose assets - These include all types of motor vehicles, office equipment and
furniture, personal effects and other movable assets.

(vi) Other Valuations: -
- For purposes of buying or selling of a property.
- Owner occupied house allowance claim
- Going concern Valuations. We advise on the value of a business on “walk – in
walk – out” basis, including the goodwill payable.
- Petrol station Valuations, ETC.